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RE flected

View in the future. We all know there will be posterity, but no one can say what it looks like. Therefore we imagine this time, it creates a utopia. We take these supposed dreams as a common thread and try to make them a reality in the future. The future is and remains an idea, a thought in our heads and in every head the ideology of the future looks different because we perceive and reflect our present differently.

The collection "REflected" focuses on the view into the future. The inspiration for this is the sensory organ that enables us to see. The intangible beauty of the iris is decisive for the design of the accessories. It inspires not only aesthetically, but also functionally. Through muscle movement, the iris opens and closes, enabling focused vision. Transferred for the accessories collection, this mechanism helps to open and close the bags. In addition, the silhouette of the bag can be changed individually, so you can completely adapt the bag to the volume of its contents. The reflective lining of the bag makes the inside literally light up when you're looking for your keys among all the other things and is also an eye-catcher on any party night.

Model Aline Schnurr

Design, Branding, Styling, Photo by me


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