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About me

I am Jennifer Laura, a graduate B.A. accessories designer

You have a vision for an extraordinary design - I bring your design ideas to life and make your vision my mission!


I specialize in custom accessory design, combining 3D textile printing and software integration. From jewelry to fashion accessories, I bring your ideas to life. Using advanced printing techniques and CAD software, your designs are transformed into high quality pieces. I offer a range of services including designing novelty accessories and garments, fabric selection, and personal styling consultations to create unique and fashionable looks for my clients and ensure on-time delivery. My aspiration is to combine fashion, innovation and sustainability and to bring out the maximum in quality and aesthetics. 


Let's work together to create exceptional designs that reflect your style and stand out from the crowd!


A short summary about my career and my drive. 

Fashion and design have always fascinated me. In 2019, I made my dream come true and started my studies at Pforzheim University in Accessory Design and successfully completed my Bachelor's degree in February 2023.


I studied passionately for four years and creatively exercised myself in numerous workshops. I gained experience not only within the university, but also within various internships such as at ANY DI Munich and BMW Motorrad.


Again and again I dealt with the question:  What does good design mean?


For me good design means to combine function and aesthetics, both sides are in parity and give an added value to society.

Design therefore means shaping the future. Attentive observation of the environment, direct exchange with people, the recognition of problems and the development of new solutions go hand in hand with this.


Turning visions into missions, that is my daily drive as well as the permanent learning from different people!

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