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The fictitious brand protACC is based on the vision of future mobility and deals with the new requirements and, above all, challenges that go hand in hand with it. The market of e-bikes as well as e-motorcycles is expected to grow strongly and take a large part of our mobility.

Protection is bound to become street style! The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of the motorcycle brand of tomorrow is characterized by the fact that the requirements Innovation, protection, function, sustainability and luxury are in parity. How can motorcycle clothing be responsible to the environment, offer the maximum in function and at the same time meet the fashion demands of the customer? protACC wants to give an impulse on how accessories and protection will be symbiotic in the future and thus revolutionize the market of motorcycle clothing.

Photographer Angela M. Schlabitz

Model Fernande Prellwitz

3D Printing development

Design, Branding, Styling by me


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